This LLCGS database contains information about cemeteries, marriages, probate, people in old newspapers, old rural resident listings and various other publications about people who once lived and/or died in Lancaster County Nebraska.  Please feel free to browse this web site looking for  someone in your family ancestry.

Not all LLCGS publications have been added to this site but we are adding more all the time.  If you don't find what you are looking for now stop back later - we may have it by then.

------------ Counts -----------
Database searches: 65,812
Mortuary entries: 6,048
Deceased names: 95,702
Cemeteries: 67
Marriage names: 47,900
Newspaper entries: 18,931
Newspaper card ent: 372,150
Probates names: 3,120
Intent to naturalize: 1,943
Pioneer families: 0
Rural residents: 0
--- Most Searched for Names ---
Name Count
Miller 393 Smith 345 Sullivan 197 Wilson 173 Anderson 171 Brown 168
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Current Activity  Working on Newspaper data and additional probate data.


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